About us

Arkit-Fresh Transport Spedycja Logistyka (Transport Spedition Logistic) is a rapidly growing company, that was created thanks to the commitment and years of experience in the transporting industry.

We specialize in international transport of pharmaceutical goods.

Thanks to our experience in the market we offer you high quality service while maintaining all the standards stated in the GDP and the Pharmaceutical Law.

Our main goal is to maintain the high quality of service while also keeping the safety of the goods we transport.


Our highly qualified and experienced members of the office and the drivers are looking after the high quality of the services we provide, as well as work strictly under the procedures and orders regarding the loading of the goods, transport of pharmaceuticals and unloading of the goods.


We possess vans up to 3,5 dmc and the capacity of 8 euro pallets, as well as a van equipped in a loading lift with the weight capacity of 500kg along with the pallet truck.

We offer only the most advanced fleet that meet the rigoristic norms regarding the transportation of pharmaceuticals.

Also our vans meet the requirements of the European emission standards (EURO5 and EURO6).

Comprehensively we offer vehicles that have a refrigerated trailer equipped with an heating and cooling unit, devaiced used for measuring, tracking and registering the temperature inside the trailer as well as printing it in the form of a graphic or numeric print. The temperature control is capable of exporting the data to an USB storage device.

Units used by company are powered by two sources: from the van's engine and from a 230V electric engine, also the units are on being inspected every 6 months.

Our vehicles have the ATP certificates.

Our up-to-date fleet is equipped with an GPS tracking device which allows to control the current position of the vehicle and also the temperature set on the trailer. The GPS monitoring is an innovative way to provide safety to the transport and services.



We specialize in international transport of goods that require to be kept in controlled temperature ranging from -15oC up to +22oC. Among the list of goods, there are: pharmaceuticals, electronics and food.

We offer safe transport of medication in temperatures specified by the Pharmaceutical Law. The vehicles are suitable for these kinds of shipments and are complied with their rigoristic standards.

Our company is doing shipments across Europe.

We have also acquired a carrier's liability insurance that amounts to 100.000€.

We look after the satisfaction of our clients that is why we are providing offers that are best suited for your needs. Also we take advantage of our experience so that you have guaranteed high-quality service.


Thanks to our flexible approach to the business, we also provide forwarding services.We are able to organize every type of shipment.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the business, we can provide the best options, while minimizing the costs, but maintaining the high quality of our service.


We also offer a possibility of storing small packages and also reloading shipments 24/7.


We will employ drivers with a "B" category driver's license for international transport.
We require at least a year-worth of experience in transporting.
Please send you CV to the following praca@arkit-fresh.pl


Transport Spedycja Logistyka
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